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Specializing in Custom Body Art

Third Eye Body Art, tattoo and piercing studio provides highly skilled artists that specialize in custom body art. Each Tattooer has their unique style that they like to express, like Traditional Tattoo's, Photorealism, portraits, and 3D artwork. We only use the best body jewelry when it comes to your skin. We use titanium, niobium, and gold from only the best manufactures in the industry. When it comes to a professional and comfortable environment, we have you covered with our private rooms that protect the privacy of our clients when needed. We are Mesa's Premier Tattoo and Piercing Shop so all of our artists use the best practices for any and all body modifications done in our parlor.
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Custom Tattoos by Skilled Tattoo Artists

Our goal is to give our clients the best experience centered around a sterile environment, friendly staff, and professional work. With our creative designs and pristine piercings, we are confident that you'll leave our shop excited about your new everlasting art. There's no need to keep waiting around for what you want to get done, we're here to create your dream, and do it with the highest quality -- no exceptions. We hope to see you soon to create your next custom drawing.

Body Piercings done by Highly Qualified Piercers.

Third Eye Body Art features custom artists for piercing and tattoos. We install titanium, niobium, and gold body jewelry from only the best manufactures in the world. We offer private rooms, in which our talented artists practice exceptional hygienic procedures, and excellent customer service. We provide a professional, and comfortable environment.
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